Chennai Masterclass

 Business Sketchnotes Masterclass - CHENNAI 

Learn the European Style of Delivering Sessions & Meetings by Visual Drawings

for Managers | Teams | Entrepreneurs | Coaches | Educators

7 hrs In-Person Certification Masterclass (in CHENNAI)

Get Certified by Master Trainer from Netherlands coming to India

 📆 30 JUNE 2024 (Sunday)

 What are Sketchnotes ?

They are hand drawn visuals that condense complex business ideas into easy to undertand engaging drawings

Learning Outcomes 👇

Creating a visual vocabulary for business concepts and jargon.

✅Changing from text-based presentations to using Flipcharts and Visual PowerPoints for business storytelling.

✅Making swift hand sketches to capture requirements, meetings, and conferences.

Applications at Work 👇

- Deliver Sessions Using Drawings

- Take Visual Meeting Summaries

- Deliver NO PPT sessions

- Creating Visual Training Material

- Visualize plans and ideas

- Sketchnote based social media content

Sketchnotes Examples

After the Masterclass, you will be making presentations like this 👇

🚫NO DRAWING Experience needed

And If you are NOT ABLE TO DRAW after this 9 hours of masterclass, We will SHUT DOWN all our workshops FOR EVER and REFUND your entire amount😲 !! 

37k+ Corporate Professionals Trained from

"I never knew I could be doing Business Presentations Using Drawing..that too in Board rooms  !"

Pierre Miele

Director Plan & Delivery, Friesland Campina, Holland

““Piyuesh’s energy is contagious. I can only recommend this workshop as an effective Communication, team building and training tool !  

I never knew I could be drawing, let alone expressing my thinking with doodles. What a revelation ! ” ”

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📆 Schedule and Content

30 JUNE 2024, Sunday , 10AM-5PM, T-Nagar, Chennai

Basic Elements of Sketchnoting 


- Introduction of pens and markers

- Drawing Icons

- Business Metaphors

- Drawing human actions

- Drawing processes

- Drawing banners 

- Typography 

- Coloring 

 Drafting Visual Stories


- Visual Hierarchy

- Visual Bucketing

- Drawing Business Processes

- Adding emotions to data

- Formats and Templates

- LIVE storyboarding drawing

- Final Certification Exercise

Who should attend

Trainers, Coaches and Image Consultants

Product Owners, Agile Practitioners, Scrum Masters, RTEs

CxOs, Project Managers and Executives

HR, Marketing, Sales, L&D and Communication Mangers

Educators and Students

Masterclass Outcomes

Capture notes through drawings rather than lenthy paragraphs

Templates for Hand Drawn Training Deck/ Presentations / Sales Pitches

This will be the first time you will learn tp use Drawing for communication and not just as art form.

Get out from fear of drawing (even if you have never drawn before)

Participants Rated 4.9/5 on Google (400+ reviews)

🤩This is your opportunity to get trained directly from the Founder ?

After training to more than 37000 people globally, I am coming to CHENNAI to empower you with Business Sketch noting skills. 

- Curious Piyuesh, Founder, Visual Thinking School, The Netherlands

Trained  37000+ professionals from top notch corporate like 

Workshop Google  Rating (4.8/5 from 400+ reviews)

🧑‍🦰Meet Your Trainer

Curious Piyuesh, Founder of  Visual Thinking School, The Netherlands is on a mission to transform business communication with Visual Thinking.

He has trained more than 37000+ professionals from countries like Netherlands, France, India, USA, Belgium, Sweden, Hungary, Germany, China, Ukraine, Albania, Bosnia, Austria, Italy.


Sketchnotes uses illustrations, graphics, and design elements collated in the form of a metaphorical scene to convey a message or narrative, making complex information more digestible and engaging for the audience

Do I Need  Drawing Experience to Learn?

NO drawing experience needed. Even if you can not draw a line, you will still be able to make full fledged stories.   Thats our committment.

Who should attend ?

Managers ,Teams (Specially IT, Finance, Law Marketing) , Trainers and Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Educators, Content Creators, Public Speakers


Training Photos


You are Lucky !!

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Group Booking (for 3 or more) 
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Rs.4950 pp

After Early 🕊️ Rs. 10,000 pp
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Pair Booking (for 2)
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Individual Booking 
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After Early 🕊️Rs.12,500 pp

EXTRA benefits 👇

✔️Monthly Visual Jams (LIVE from Netherlands)

✔️Sets of Sets of Digital Story Templates

✔️Sets of icons and metaphors

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Exact Location ?

Pink Lotus, T-nagar, Chennai

What if I am not able to attend ?

We will be offering you other dates either offline or online. Unfortunately, the amount will not be refunded, but you will be eligible for all the other add ons. 

Can I transfer my seat to my friend

Yes you can do so. Just email at or whatsapp at +31-626484920

Is it program useful for educators?

Yes aboslutely. Infact even more than any one else since sketchnoting is a skill which every teacher must know and should teach students as well. 

Certificates will be provided in the end ?

Yes, digital certificate will be provided at the end. 

What Stationery is needed ?

We will provide you all essential stationary at the time of workshop. 

Any drawing experience needed?

Nope. Absolutely no drawing expereince needed. That is the whole purpose of this program..that you will be able to draw no matter what. 

I need GST based invoice

For GST invoice, we need to add 18% extra as GST and seperate payment link needs to be sent. Kindly send your request at or whatsapp at +31626484920

You will not get this INTERNATIONAL opportunity in INDIA at this Price EVER !!

Got more doubts ?

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