Visual Communication 

Certification Masterclass (4hrs. LIVE)

Master the basics of business drawing and visual grammar

4 hrs Online & LIVE from Netherlands

In this program you will learn 

1. Pens and Markers

 2. Headers

 3. Objects/ Icons

 4. Coloring

 5. Drawing People

 6. Drawing Processes

 7. Metaphors

 8. Speech

 9. Typography

10. Effects

11. Visual Hierarchy

You will be amazed at the result. Take the plunge and become a Visual Thinker!

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20 March 2021, Friday

10:00 to 14:00 Hrs. Amsterdam Time

Note: It is a LIVE session. No recordings

Training Video


Will recordings be provided?

No. Recording will not be available for this session. 

What if I am not able to attend. Will I be refunded?

Nope. No refund is not possible and we will also not be able to transfer your slot to anyone else.

Certificates will be provided in the end ?


What Stationery is needed ?

A list will be shared with you before the workshop.

Any drawing experience needed?

Nope. Absolutely no drawing expereince needed. That is the whole purpose of this program..that you will be able to draw no matter what. 

Which language will it be in

It will be in English

Got more doubts ?

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