Learn to Use Hand Drawn Doodles in Business Communication

 Visual Thinking 3 Days Workshop LIVE from Netherlands

Visual Storyteller, The Netherlands

Join My Visual Thinking 3 Days Workshop LIVE from Netherlands

Starting 1 October 2021(Fri)

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Make Your Business Communication Visible

I certainly did learn a new set of skills: I never knew I could be drawing, let alone expressing my thinking with doodles. What a revelation! Also what a great day of fun- Piyuesh’s energy is contagious. His drawing skills a match to his teaching ability. I can only recommend this workshop as an effective team building and training day !

Pierre Mille
Director Plan and Deliver, Friesland Campina, The Netherlands

Piyuesh is a highly energetic trainer. Fun and super practical. He will give lots of examples and there are plenty of exercises to practice. Looking forward to upgrade my workshops with more visuals and communicate better with my audience

Melanie van der Storm
Innovation Manager, Amsterdam

Workshop Committments

🔸 You will be able to use Drawings in your Official Business Communication.

🔸 Your social media content will be more of drawings. 

🔸 You will be able to visualize your business scenarios.

🔸 Your fear of drawing will be gone. 

🔸 If you are not able to draw after 3 days, I will stop giving workshops for ever.

Date and Time

Day 1 and Day 2 

1, 2 Oct 2021 (Fri, Sat) 

16:00 hr - 17:30 hrs Amsterdam Time

Day 3

3 Oct 2021 (Sun) 3.5 hrs Mega Workshop

10:00 hr - 13:30 hrs Amsterdam Time

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Note: All 3 days will be LIVE

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Why Use Visuals 

3 days Workshop Schedule


Basic techniques of Drawing Icons and Business Doodles 

Day 2

Drawing metaphors on common business scenarios

Day 3

Drawing metaphors on Basic Marketing and Training Scenarios

👉Each day will end with a Visual homework assignment.

👉Additional tips on how visuals can help you build your personal brand with Linkedin.

You will be drawing these

Impact of Visual Thinking At Your Work

1- You will be able to Communicate faster & To the point

2- Your audience's engagement increases by 90% 

3- Knowledge transfer and content retention increases by 80% with visuals

4- You are perceived Less Bossy and more Approachable. 

5- Increased creativity at work will lead to more productive employees

Last batches included participants from

Who should ATTEND ?

Trainers and Coaches 

CxOs and Managers

Graphic Designers

Design Thinkers

Content Marketers

Marketing & Sales

Agile Coaches

Scrum Masters

Visual Merchandisers

Image Consultants

Educators / Teachers

Communication Managers

Visual Communication Can Be That GAME CHANGER for Your Business

Workshop Video Footage From The Last Batch

Participant Testimonials 

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About Piyuesh Modi

Piyuesh Modi is an MBA Marketing, Engineer, and founder of his business consulting firm CuriousPiyuesh.com

He is a Visual Storyteller and a Webinar Marketer by profession and living in The Netherlands (originally from India)

He is on a mission to transform business communication with Visual Storytelling. He conducts global Bootcamps on visual thinking and webinar marketing and enjoys building global communities

He has trained corporate professionals from countries like Netherlands, France, India, USA, Belgium, Sweden, Hungary, Germany, China, Ukraine, Albania, Bosnia, Austria, Italy.

Client Piyuesh Has Worked With

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Will recordings be provided?

Recordings will be provided for day1 and day 2 only.

No recording for Day 3.  We request you to attend Day 3 LIVE.  

All recordings will only last till 7 days after the end of the workshop after which it will be deleted.

You will only be able to watch the recording and not download it.

All 3 days are LIVE or Recorded course?

Yes all three days will be LIVE with Piyuesh

Is it program useful for educators?

Absolutely. You will learn the basics of communicating with visuals which are useful not only in corporate scenario but also in education. Teachers will learn how they can use visuals to teach and students will learn how to take notes in the form of sketches. 

What if I am not able to attend. Will I be refuned?

Nope refund is not be possible and we will also not be able to transfer your slot to anyone else.

Certificates will be provided in the end ?

Yes, but only to those who will complete all assignments

What Stationery is needed ?

You  will need 6-7 A4 White sheets, A black sketch pen, a colored highlighter. You can also carry you ipad or any other digital drawing board.

Any drawing experience needed?

Nope. Absolutely no drawing expereince needed. That is the whole purpose of this program..that you will be able to draw no matter what. 

Got more doubts ?

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or email at: support@curiouspiyuesh.com

Be Ready To Be Amazed 🥳

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